Thursday, February 02, 2006


yaka les renvoyer chez eux.

Qui a dit ça ?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Le soleil franchit les frontières

et pourtant les petits soldats ne lui tirent pas dessus.

Proverbe Fulani

L'homme a inventé la montre

et Dieu a inventé le temps.

Proverbe Touareg

Monday, January 23, 2006


Some screenshots of my "Semanlink" application. Basically, it is a tagging utility, based on RDF, that can be used to add tags (and other metadata) to files and bookmarks. Tags are organized by user in a graph of tags (each tag can have several "parents" and "children"). Semanlink is based on Jena and runs as an HttpServlet.

Main page: last bookmarks and/or files added. Each entry has a creation date, tags, and possibly a text describing it (generally an abstract or a quote). (BTW, this page and this blog are listed first, as I just created both of them and quickly added an entry to "bookmark" them)

A "bookmarklet" allows to easily bookmark a web page (or save a copy of it). Basic functionnalities to automaticaly extract metadata (for instance, searching for tags in the title)

One of the views of a tag page (displaying here the "rdf" tag). Tree view of "subtags" (partially opened in the image shown), with the related documents. (Complete tree is not loaded when accessing the page: subtrees are loaded on request using Ajax) On the right side, "linked tags": other tags used to mark these documents.

Another tag page, just to show that you can have a quick look at images marked with the tag

Other views of the tag page are available (simple list of the related documents instead of tree list - to easily sort them by a given property, expanded view of the tree, list of images displayed as snapshots,...)

Editing one tag (the "Jena" tag). Forms to add or remove parents and children, aliases (synonyms for the tag), and properties

"Live search" among tags (implemented using Ajax)

Editing metadata about a document (file or bookmark). Using here the "live search" to find a tag to be added.

Searching for documents: the graph structure of the set of tags is used. In this example, searching for tag "Archéologie" (archeology) and "Nigeria" returns documents with none of these tags, only descendants of them (only images are displayed in this example)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Luttez contre la faim et la pauvreté

mangez un pauvre.

Graffiti lu à Buenos Aires, rapporté par Eduardo Galeano dans "Sens dessus dessous. L'école du monde à l'envers"